Approved by the YAG Program Committee: October 18, 2009

The purpose of the following guidelines is to ensure that the YAG political party and election processes are in accord with the YMCA’s core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility while also allowing teens to explore their Constitutional rights such as of freedom of association and freedom of speech.

All Participants

    1. are expected to speak honestly and with respect at all times but especially when campaigning

    2. are expected to avoid any behavior that encourages or appears to encourage fraudulent activity with respect to the election process

    3. have the responsibility of educating themselves regarding the rules and procedures associated with the political process

  1. Adults

    1. should be impartial with respect to parties and candidates

    2. should encourage teen participation in the political process

    3. should ensure that teens are familiar with the rules, procedures, forms and deadlines associated with the political process

    4. should not wear or display campaign material such as buttons or stickers

    5. should not assist teens with the content of speeches and campaign materials but may review materials for consistency with the YMCA core values

  2. Teens

    1. have the individual right to choose their own party affiliation or independent status without coercion from advisors or other teens

    2. have the individual right to join a party and run for office via the party caucus process

    3. have the individual right to run for office as an independent candidate

    4. may not distribute food or candy during any state events for any purpose

    5. may not display campaign material when chairing a committee or presiding in the house or senate

    6. are responsible for cleaning up their areas after party events

    7. most not post signs, posters, stickers and flyers hotel or at the capitol except in areas specifically designated for this purpose

    8. must register all parties and candidates with the Secretary of the State

    9. must complete all party and candidates paperwork according to posted deadlines

    10. must must present their own campaign speeches if running for office

Political Process